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Ready to take the step into 3D for O&P? Start your own franchise and help the patients in your community with high-quality and low-cost Prosthetics and Orthotics

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Are you an entrepreneur? 3D print expert? Prosthetist?
Join us on our mission to help every amputee, by starting your own O&P centre using the Ugani technology


All proceses, procedures and best-practices are shared and implemented in your centre.

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Hook into the existing procedures, with unbeatable products at sharp prices.


Continued support to boost your venture, including network of Ugani and connections to grants and projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Franchisee is the owner of the new company (Prothea) and manages it as a business owner.

He/she is responsible for the daily operations, the team, the finances and the implementation of the Ugani procedures.

He/she will put time, effort and network in place to run the company.

Ugani developed its Complete 3D workflow to make 3D proshthetics and orthotics, and helps you to implement this in your community.

An Ugani team member joins the local team for an initial period to help with:
– Set up of workshop
– Operational setup, best practicesm procedures
– Sales techniques and tricks
– BusDev and negotiation with Gov/NGOs
– HR guidance
– Legal documents and support
– Financial practices
– Access to best software, hardware, updates
– Negotiated suppliers
– Marketing and branding materials and tips

This support transforms to remote support, but stays available after the inital period.

The local company is associated with Ugani Prosthetics and Prothea brand name, recognised by all major players in the O&P industry.

This greatly depends on the situation, the context and the country.

As a rule of thumb, Ugani only wants 20-30% shares in the company, you (and others) need to own the other parts.

A total of $50,000 – $100,000 is needed, when counting all investments.

Investments can be made in cash, but also in kind, which is why it is so dependent on the context.

Ugani expects a minimum investment of $10,000 of its Franchise partner.

Ugani prefers the Franchise model, as it allows for local empowerment and ownership.

However we understand that this is not always possible, and accept other types of collaboration.

Please read about the other options in our Services tab, or reach out to us to see how we can assist you.

Together we will investigate what the best option  is for the local context.

Starting in an existing clinic, or setting up a new one?
All hardware that is needed to get started?
Permits and licenses from the government?

Ugani will assist you to kickstart your O&P centre.

Setting up the collaboration and the contract details between us takes the most time.

Once this is done, and the legal paperwork in your country is taken care of, we can be operational after only 1 month!

Based on previous Franchises, we expect the new Franchise to run smoothly very quickly.

6 month target:
– operational break-even – help 50 patients

1 year target:
– Help 200 patients
– Revenue of $150,000

ROI 2 years.

Faith Nganga