3D Packs

High-Quality and Low-Cost

Ugani specialises in connecting the dots and finding the best balance between affordability and quality. Our engineering team is challenging all established assumptions about AT and 3D technology, and finding new solutions for these important questions.

In our 3D pack: Our 3D scanner

3D Scanner

A simple hand held Apple iPhone, nothing more, nothing less. The scan results are impeccable and are the first important step towards a good fitting device. The software is very accurate and captures the dimensions as well as the colours, allowing you to easily manipulate the model on the PC afterwards.


Standard computers have a hard time rendering 3D images, but specific 3D computers can become very expensive. Our team designed a custom PC that is affordable and offers top results when using 3D software.

3D Printer

Not an expensive MJF printer, but a simple desktop FDM , tweaked to work perfectly with our carefully selected filaments and procedure. You get the printer, already adapted to the specific O&P needs, but also spare parts for the most likely problems. Even in a harsh environment your printer will keep going for a long time and allow you to print many sockets for your patients.

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