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Ugani Prosthetics is a social entrepreneurship that wants to give every amputee the right to a decent life by facilitating access to affordable and high-quality prosthetics.


Ugani Prosthetics wants to achieve its goals through scalability and process streamlining of the entire value chain while empowering the local health institutions and communities.

Why Ugani?

An estimated 40 million amputees living in developing countries need a prosthetic (WHO). Only a very small percentage of these patients receive a prosthetic limb (5-15% of amputees, depending on the country).

Missing a limb means a serious impairment of daily life activities. There are the physical constraints of not being able to walk or grab things, but there is also a social stigma in many countries affecting the patients who suffer from amputation. By offering prosthetic limbs to these patients, we can enable them to live a normal life, walk again, start a business, and be fully accepted in their community.

Ugani Prosthetics produces and sells the prosthetics that we are developing. However, to ensure we offer an attractive solution for our customers, we will re-engineer the entire value chain of prosthetic fittings, while also collaborating with local health and educational institutions to increase the positive impact we can create.

Ugani Prosthetics’ goal is to create an impact on a large scale, by quickly expanding our local manufacturing capabilities, and expanding to different cities and countries with a proven business model.

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Key Figures


Only 5-15% of the 40 Million Amputees living in developing countries receives a prosthetic limb (UN)

Quality at Low Cost

Re-Engineering the Entire Value Chain of O&P to achieve high quality, low-cost devices

Helping People

Patients are not only affected by the Physical Constraints, but also the
Social Stigma


Create an impact on a large scale by quickly expanding our local manufacturing capabilities


Collaboration with local health and educational institutions to increase the positive impact


By Reinvesting our profit and Scaling we aim to drop the price even more

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