Ugani’s expertise in Low and Middle Income Countries can help you to drive change in your company.

Frugal Innovation

From high-tech to low-tech, how can we reuse what already exists to make life simpler? Frugal innovation is all about simplicity and removing the clutter. Working in a low-income setting makes you challenge EVERYTHING. Engineering, design, operations, processes, .. when you look at a problem with a frugal mindset, the solution might be less complicated than you think.

Low-income setting

Different locations mean different cultures. Avoid making mistakes that could easily be avoided and get Ugani onboard in your expansion plans to low-income countries. Do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks, but also a network and on-terrain knowledge will help you make the right decisions to tap into this growing world of opportunities.


High-Quality and Low-Cost, those 2 keywords are the holy grail of Ugani Prosthetics. By leveraging frugal innovation, Ugani’s engineering team is challenging all established assumptions about prosthetics and creating something new and better.

3D socket

Custom-fit for every patient, the 3D socket gives optimal comfort for a lower cost by freeing up the time of the prosthetist. Using PP and our custom UFit software, the model is always spot on!


€150 is the minimum price of a regular liner, made out of silicone that breaks after 6 months. Ugani reused existing techniques and adapted them to the 3D printed socket, creating a liner that lasts 2 years, for 1/10 of the cost.

Shin Pylon

The pylon and connectors are a vital part of every prosthetic, connecting the socket to the foot. Only available to buy from a limited amount of suppliers, Ugani set out to redesign them to be locally built. With the help of Flanders Make a new pylon was born, costing 1/10th of the standard price, and created locally anywhere on earth.

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