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Government agency, NGO, humanitarian actor? We can help you reach more patients with disabilities on an unseen scale.

How we can help

We’ll ensure that you reach your impact

End-to-end programs.

Earthqake, tsunami, civil war, ..? Our custom projects are the perfect leverage for your team to reach 100s of patients with amputations in a record time, at a minimum cost.


Ugani's 3D prosthetics and Orthotics for the patients you assist. Worlds highest quality and most affordable AT devices to support your operations.


3D workflow training of your staff, to ensure a complete handover and sustainability. In function of your need, we offer different packages.


We care about impact. Our custom appraoch helps us to identify your concrete needs and adapt our offering and impact to it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Any project that doesn’t fit in our other services is seen as a custom project.

They can be run by local government, international organisations, or NGOs.

We also assist with advocacy and awareness when this helps the local community.

To ensure impact per $ is reached, we only work on projects that reach $50,000 or impact minimum 100 patients.

No. Ugani will assist in any region, as long as patients with amputations are being helped.

For some regions, extra security is needed, which might raise costs and require the participation of certain international partners for safety.

Sustainability is our core proirity, next to $ / impact.

We always work with local staff and local actors, focusing our projects on a total handover of knowledge.

This focus allows for continuation after the project ends, with or without the support of Ugani.

Ugani is very lean, and once the paperwork is handled, we can be operational within 1 month!

Local paperwork and logistics can cause delays, but this needs to be taken care of by the project partner.

Just reach out to us with your request.

We will get back to you shortly with some additional questoins, allowing us to build a project 100% tailored to your needs.

Dr Josephine Nkoy