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Ugani Prosthetics re-engineers high-quality Assistive Technology,
adapted to be affordable and accessible to all.

Digital Prosthetics & Orthotics

Our procedure for creating 3D P&O devices in LMIC is the fastest and cheapest in the world.

– 3D scan of the stump

– 3D modeling of the device with our software

– 3D printing of the device on your/our printers

=> Perfectly fit device for a happy patient

Ugani’s Solutions


Get started with 3D in your O&P center. Scanning, modeling and 3D printing, we give you the right tools to do it yourself!


Use our software to model devices, and to keep all your files and patient data stored in one central system.

Turnkey O&P Workshop

Our workshop is ready to ship in a few weeks and allows you to help 100s of amputees per month.

3D Packs

The exact right tools to get you going with 3D. All is included and thoroughly tested by the Ugani team.

Innovation / Consulting

Expanding to Africa or LMIC? Innovation with Frugal Mindset? We assist your company or your project from A to Z.


What & How

Ugani in Action

Photos by Joren Vallaeys, Cristobal Venegas, Frank Toussaint

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