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The world’s most affordable, high-quality Prosthetics and Orthotics.

ugani workfow diagram showing a patient being scanned, modeled, 3d printed and then fitted
Ugani's 3d procedure
The Future of P&O
  • 3D scan of the stump
  • 3D modeling of the device with our Open-Source software
  • 3D printing of the device on your/our printers

→ Perfectly fit device for a happy patient

Fast, low-cost, distributed, scalable and high-quality prosthetics and orthotics. Digital allows remote (at home) scanning, low set-up costs, and massive scalability.

Whether you are a Gov/NGO needing to help thousands of patients, a prosthetic center wanting to launch your own 3D manufacturing or a prosthetist student wanting to try out 3D, Ugani has a solution for you!

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What is different?​

You get it, we do P&O differently, but what is it exactly that makes us so much better price/quality?

The true power of 3D!

With this hub and spoke model, only one 3D center is needed to leverage the potential of all the prosthetists in an area. Scan and model from anywhere, and have your central PrintLab produce the devices in no time!

The procedure opens the door to remote scanning from the comfort of a patient’s home or during a field trip with one of the prosthetists.

This lowers the barrier and allows patients in hard-to-reach areas to be helped.

Take the handheld phone scanner with you anywhere, scan patients, model on your laptop, and have the prosthetics assembled in the main workshop and shipped back out to assist patients anywhere in no time!

Our solution is 100% digital and 3D. Patient records are kept on our servers, the scan happens in 3D, modelling is on a PC, and the manufacturing uses a 3D printer.

Our custom build software is FREE and open-source; anyone can contribute to improve it and impact more patients together.

In an LMIC setting, working with the local actors is the only way to create lasting solutions. Designed by and for CPOs in LMICs, our complete approach simplifies the existing solutions and brings the latest technology to this industry in a KISS way. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Extensive FEA and lab testing assures the optimal quality of all our devices.

Our prosthetics withstand 3 Million cycles on the test benches, the international prosthetic standard.

An orthopaedic device is only as good as what the users think of it.

Our devices have an overall QUEST 2.0 score of 4,86 / 5, one of the highest in the field.

The exceptional comfort, low weight, durability, and pleasant procedure to fit are some of the key advantages that our patients like.

A CPO only needs about 30mins of work time to make an socket using our procedure. This leads to much higher efficiency, meaning the end price of the device goes down drastically!

As the automatic printer creates the device, which can print at night or on the weekend, that time is freed up to see other patients or do other work.

Any device can be delivered within 24 hours with this modern procedure.

With one printer, you can make about 30 devices per month. Scaling up is very easy, as you just need to buy a new printer; no staffing needs, recruiting, or extra training needs, just a simple asset.

If significant numbers are needed, like at a national level, our Turnkey Workshop, housed in 20-foot containers, is the perfect solution!

100% autonomous and standalone, it can be deployed anywhere in a couple of weeks, delivering 100s of prosthetics per month to the broader region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ugani developed its Complete 3D workflow to make 3D prosthetics and orthotics, and helps you to implement this in your community.

An Ugani Expert joins you to train your team, install all the hardware and software and get you going with the full 3D procedure.

This support transforms to remote support, but stays available after the inital period.

This greatly depends on the situation, the context and the country.

Please reach out to us so we can discuss your exact need, and see how we can create the greatest impact together.

Ugani focusses on sustainability, and looks for local empowerment and ownership.

We have different optoins of collaboration, the 3D kit, custom projects or even a Joint Venture.

Please reach out to us so we can see how we can best collaborate.

Together we will investigate what the best option  is for the local context.

Starting in an existing clinic, or setting up a new one?
All hardware that is needed to get started?
Permits and licenses from the government?

Ugani will assist you to kickstart your P&O centre.

Setting up the collaboration and the contract details between us takes the most time.

Once this is done, and the legal paperwork in your country is taken care of, we can be operational after only 1 month!

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