Success Stories


Please don’t take our word for it; hear from the beneficiaries!

Case Studies

Our impact stories

In 6 months our subsidiary managed to be operational break-even, autonomous, and help more than 100 patients, all using the Ugani 3D workflow.
They challended the whole P&O industry in Kenya and managed to push prices down as a whole.

Starting as a Joint Venture using the 3D kit, we soon added a Custom Project to scale our impact and are now assisting patients in the whole of East Africa from our workshop.

A collaboration with an external clinic, that now also implements 3D increases the impact even more!

DR Congo

In collaboration with the government of Belgium and DR Congo, we partnered up with BDOM Kinshasa to install our large scale Turnkey Workshop.

This workshop was deployed in no time, and helps 100s of patients per month.

By implementing the DistritubedFit model, patients from across DRCongo will soon have access to high-quality prosthetic devices at a fraction of the cost.


What our patients/partners say

My 3D prosthetic allows me to go back to school and play with my friends!
The drop in price and increase of efficiency are remarkable!
Benedict Oniango
Instead of spending 2 years figuring out how to use 3D for O&P, Ugani helped us transition in 2 weeks!
A pleasure to see how Ugani transforms an idea into a full blown project, impacting the lives of many amputees.
Dr Josephine Nkoy
Excelent services and eye opening insights from the Ugani team led to incredible cuts in our procedures. Efficiency at its best.
Dr David
After hesitating for a while to make the step to 3D, I am greatfull for the support Ugani gave me, allowing to start our 3D operations in only a couple of months, and reaching break-even after 6 months only.​​
Faith Nga'nga