Ugani prosthetics

About Us

A social entreprise that wants to give every amputee the right to a decent life by facilitating access to affordable and high-quality prosthetics and orthotics.


Getting stuff done

Ugani Prosthetics achieves its goals through scalability and process streamlining of the entire value chain, while empowering the local health institutions and communities.

Our Story

Only 5-15% of amputees living in developing countries have a prosthetic.*

Missing a limb means a serious impairment of daily life activities. There are the physical constraints of not being able to walk or grab things, but there is also a social stigma in many countries affecting the patients who suffer from amputation. By offering prosthetic limbs to these patients, we can enable them to live a normal life, walk again, start a business, and be fully accepted in their community.

Ugani Prosthetics develops high-quality prosthetics and orthotics at a low cost. To ensure we offer an attractive solution for our partners, we re-engineer the entire value chain of prosthetic fittings while collaborating with local health and educational institutions to increase our positive impact.

Ugani Prosthetics’ goal is to create an impact on a large scale by quickly expanding local manufacturing capabilities and expanding to different cities and countries with a proven business model.


Our People

Meet the team

Florian, co-founder of Ugani
Florian Vallaeys

Co-Founder - CEO

Joren, co-founder of Ugani
Joren Vallaeys

Co-Founder - COO & CFO

Cristobal, the CTO of Ugani
Cristobal Venegas

Co-Founder - CTO

Imani Nganga, country manager Kenya
Imani Ng'ang'a

Country Manager Kenya

Germain, DRC country manager for Ugani
Germain Boutte

Country Manager DR Congo

Hanna, fundraising
Hanna den Bakker


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Life at Ugani

Dynamic team that puts its energy towards creating a better life for persons with a disability.

Always challenging the status quo, we value your input and allow you to build out your own ideas.

Working with the people on the field is essential to delivery good work,

You take ownership of your project, trust and belief in your skills are central.

The work you do directly impacts people with a disability.

Via the Ugani Foundation we can include you as a volunteer in our projects.

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We assist you to better help people with disabilities.